Ganatra e Allegra in a Mari-Ly Rehk's picture

About dachshunds...

Dachshunds' temperament

It is common opinion that dachshunds are biting dogs, difficult to manage and educate.

Nothing is more false! Dachshund is a dog with fantastic temperament, happy, affectionate and absolutely faithful to his owner.
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Why not to buy low-cost puppies

The puppies that you can buy for few money in shops and in fairs often come from intensive "breedings", managed by dishonest people who keep their bitches forever closed in small cages,
forcing them to have puppies continuosly, all their sad life long.
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Why buying from a breeder

The breeder knows your dog since before his birth.
He knows his parents and can immagine what kind of dog your dachshund will be when he will grow up.

A serious breedrer select following accurate criterions.
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June 2015

Allegra and Ganatra's puppies are coming
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12 ottobre 2014

Ancora successi per Ubi Maior a Bastia Umbra
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6 Settembre 2014

Chopper e Ubi dominano a Campogalliano
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Giugno 2014

Nuovo successo per Sasso Chopper a Sarzana
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Giugno 2013

Grandi successi per Sasso Chopper
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20 aprile 2013

I Bassotti del Sasso sbancano a Grosseto!
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2 marzo 2013

Sasso Chopper a Gonzaga
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